Learn how to Teach English as a Foreign Language (T.E.F.L.) effectively


As part of a quality offer from Leo Languages, these exciting two programmes could be your passport to a new career. They are staffed by experienced, Diploma-trained professionals, who will guide you through all the stages needed to develop and qualify as a teacher. Based in our modern classrooms in the town centre, you will have the opportunity – depending on your choice of course – to see experts at work and to teach students yourself.

Some of the topics covered by the course include:


Lesson Planning:

It is a common fallacy that you can just ‘turn up and teach’ when dealing with foreign students. Unfortunately, this is still the case in many places. However, we put planning and preparation at the very forefront and, by giving it due credit, ensure that our trainees are fully prepared for what faces them.

Teaching mixed ability groups:

Differentiated learning strategies are at the core of dealing with mixed ability groups. We will help you understand the needs of learners and show you the most user-friendly way to ensure that all students, regardless of their ability, get the most out of your classes.


Advanced students may have a wide knowledge of vocabulary and grammar but if they cannot make themselves understood, their skills and knowledge will go to waste. We will guide you through some effective techniques that enable students to sound more English.


Often known simply as the G word (!), grammar is best dealt with through the acronym KISS – Keep It Simple Stupid, a watchword for this Course. Remember, your students want to enjoy grammar – not be bored or terrified by it.

A Day in the Life

It has been a very good time in Margate, unforgettable. The environment is stunning!  - Alberto, teacher from Spain

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