Will my Certificate be accepted around the world?

Definitely! The Trinity Cert TESOL is a universally-recognised qualification and is at Level 5 of the UK National Qualifications Framework. As such, it is recognised by the British Council and will, accordingly, place you in a prime position to find work virtually anywhere in the world.

Why Teacher Training?

This is the only real way to ensure that you are equipped to teach English as a Foreign Language anywhere in the world. It is also a perfect opportunity for you to become acquainted with the techniques and approaches utilised in this profession. In addition, you will come together with like-minded individuals from around the globe, with the possibility of enjoying life-long friendships. Our 4-week intensive course incorporates a mix of methodology and practice which will prepare you fully for your new career!

What exactly does intensive mean?

We cram a lot in! The days (and, occasionally, evenings!) are full, the programme rich and varied. Written assignments are a key requirement while meeting deadlines is a vital component of the course. We don’t just train you to be effective teachers but also guide you towards successful time management!

What is the difference between a Teacher Training and Teacher Development Course?

The first is of 4-weeks duration and aimed at those who wish to become qualified teachers of English as a Foreign Language. This could be UK nationals or indeed individuals from anywhere in the world, the key stipulation being an Advanced level of English. The second is more of a refresher/upgrade for anyone already in teaching who wants to improve their language level and gain valuable insights into the latest methodological approaches. Grammar and phonology are high on the agenda in this course!

Why should I choose English in Margate as a Teacher Training Centre? 

What about accommodation?

English in Margate can offer you a range of accommodation options to suit all budgets, from homestays with a local family through to executive-style hotels. Our accommodation department will work with you from Day One to secure the best solution to all your needs.

How difficult are the Courses? Is a Certificate guaranteed?

With the right attitude and approach, there is no reason why you should not successfully complete the course which, incidentally, is not graded.

Do I have to be British to do these courses?

Absolutely not. Our sole criterion is that your level of English meets the required standard. This means that for our Teacher Training Course you should be at least of Advanced Level while for the Teacher Development Course, Upper Intermediate would be the minimum acceptable level.

Will I be able to find a job after the Teacher Training Course?

We are not able to guarantee you employment after the course but you will receive comprehensive advice and support in your job search from experienced EFL professionals who fully understand the job market.

How well qualified do I need to be to undertake the Teacher Training or Development Course?

While a university degree is clearly helpful, it is not an essential element in your qualifications. However, a high standard of literacy, a willingness to learn, an empathy with the students you teach and a determination to succeed, particularly in the face of any setbacks you may receive, are of critical importance.

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