Feedback and Testimonials



“The workload was heavy! But we were prepared for this.

I would definitely recommend the course. It challenges all elements, whether it be creativity, intelligence, organisation or essay-writing which are valuable skills. I also found it enjoyable.”

- Connie McKeand



Very hard, but I think I coped!

Tony, Jake, Nigel, Robin: you were all excellent – thank you for your time, patience and endurance! A real lesson in teaching technique.

I would wholeheartedly recommend this course – much better than anywhere else I have been. 100%.

Very hard work, but enjoyable. I was not disappointed.

Everyone – staff and fellow students, very, very helpful. Thank you.”

- Richard Goffin-Lecar



I’d like to thank the tutors on the course for all their help, guidance and support along the way. I’ve learnt a lot from them and owe my future to their teaching. I’m blessed to have had this opportunity to learn from them all. Thank you

I really enjoyed teaching and this course gave me an insight into what it’s like. Very much hands on! Great!

I met some wonderful new friends on this course from all over the world. It was a great experience and I am so happy to have survived and finally made it!.”

- Dominique Stanley


“I found the course challenging because many of the concepts were new to me, and there was a lot to take in.

Having a classroom which was effectively “ours” was really good.

Staff – enthusiastic, and involved. They clearly knew the subjects inside and out, and had a lot of time to help us.

I would recommend the course because I found it insightful. It was worth the money, even if I never teach.”

- Shaun Dent


“I would recommend the course…it was wonderful.

I didn’t really know what to expect – but my final opinion is, it really is worthwhile for anyone who wants to teach or, like myself teaches.”


- Edward Holden


“I found the course suitable for my needs. It was rather challenging, but I enjoyed every single unit, session and discussion. It was very well designed.

Comfortable classrooms, all-day long access to photocopiers, modern computers with wifi,- all these added to the joy of my learning environment.

Tony, Jake, Nigel, and Robin were professional, reasonably strict and very helpful. All questions that I had were answered. I felt supported by the tutors’ team. I learned a lot from their comments, feedback for my TP.

I would recommend the course! It is very useful in terms of topicality, suitability for teachers-to-be, self-evaluation and reflection.

My expectations were totally met. Even more, now I have a unique experience of teaching adult multilingual groups, which would have been impossible to gain in my country.

I’d like to express my gratitude to everybody concerned, to the designers of the course, and to the helpful EiM staff.”


- Tetiana Lialiuk


“The course was very challenging. I have had to find strength I did not know I possessed to get to the end. But very rewarding….Excellent tutors. They provided plenty of guidance and support.”

- Jonathan from Margate


“I expected to feel confident to teach, and more confident about my own knowledge of the English language in general. These expectations have been largely met. I would recommend the course…”

- Jamie from Margate


“I would recommend the course…nice school, nice tutors.”

- Ann from Warwick


“We covered so much during the course and I feel ready to embark on a career as a teacher.”

- Joanna from Broadstairs


End-of-course festivities to celebrate a 100% success rate on our October-November 2013 course. Well done to all concerned!



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