Closed Group Teacher Development

Closed Group Teacher Development Courses

1- or 2-week courses aimed at primary or secondary school teachers

In addition to our Teacher Development Course, we are also offering the opportunity for teachers to form their own closed groups comprising friends, colleagues from their own schools or other teachers from neighbouring areas.

Course Duration: 1 or 2 weeks

When? Any time of year, on request.

Eligibility: From Low Intermediate upwards. Participants would need to be the same or similar level in terms of ability.

Minimum group size: 6

Please note that it would be possible to combine the above with one of our international General English courses at any time of the year.

These are short courses designed for those wishing to acquire the basic knowledge and skills to improve their teaching of English as a foreign or second language. The certificate you receive will indicate successful completion of the programme.

Course component: largely negotiable but we would offer modular sessions where you will receive information concerning methodology, as well as workshops in which you will have the chance to work together in small groups on practical components.  You will also be able to observe experienced teachers at work.

On the final day of the Course, you will receive a Certificate from English in Margate (translated wherever necessary into the appropriate foreign language) demonstrating successful completion of the programme, accompanied by a Testimonial which sets out the various elements covered during the 2 weeks.


Course fee:
£500* for 60-Hour Teacher Development Programme – 2 Weeks (TD/CG-60)
or £250* for 30-Hour Teacher Development Programme - 1Week (TD/CG-30)

+ Registration Fee:  £50

• All tuition and teaching materials
• Use of the school’s multimedia self-access facilities after class
• Membership of our social centre, the Hawley Club
• A social programme including a minimum of three evening activities
• End of Course Certificate

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Cultural Component

We are aware that many people come to England/Margate not just to study but also to experience some of Britain’s outstanding heritage.

Accordingly, we are able to offer courses that combine the best of both worlds through a cultural and linguistic programme to meet all needs.

Please look at our Extra-Curricular Activities page to find out what is available.




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